Kanye West Unleashed a Group of Masked Clones on New York City

Kanye West let loose a group of clones in New York City, who were wearing black pants, jackets, and baseball caps, and what appears to be prosthetic masks.

Kanye West Performing at Coachella 2011

Image via Getty/Wendy Redfern

Kanye West Performing at Coachella 2011

The Kanye West antics continue with a group of clones walking around New York City.

Photos of the rapper’s lookalike army were shared on social media outfitted in black pants, black bomber jackets, black baseball caps, and what appears to be prosthetic masks that the rapper wore in New York last month for a meeting with former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

Kanye’s various masks became a staple of his Donda rollout, with the masks intensifying as he got deeper into the aesthetic. Prior to the mask he wore at the Cohen meeting, the rapper wore a similar mask at JFK Airport the same week, as well as a white mask à la Michael Myers (or perhaps Rami Malek’s masked villain in No Time to Die). Kanye also donned a black mask at a Venice wedding, a ski mask-styled look during Paris Fashion Week, and something that resembled a balaclava earlier this year.

He hasn’t been able to keep his name out of headlines, particularly following his explosiveDrink Champs interview, where he slammed a number of rappers and producers, including Big Sean, Soulja Boy, Just Blaze, and Talib Kweli, among others. Last week, the second installment of the interview dropped, where he spoke on Kim Kardashian, his Gap collab, Dave Chappelle, Jay-Z, Drake, and more.

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