Justin Bieber has never shied away from showing love to Hailey, but his latest birthday post takes things to a new level of sweet. 

The Biebs took to Instagram on Monday to celebrate his wife’s 25th birthday, sharing a handful of cute photos the couple took in recent months, along with a heartfelt caption for his “beloved birthday squish.”

“My heart belongs to you. My eyes belong to you, my lips belong to you. I am yours. I am so blessed to be yours,” Bieber wrote. “You are my forever. Life has never made more sense until you became my wife. I will never stop loving you, I will never stop holding you, and I will never stop protecting you.”

Justin continued, writing that Hailey Bieber is his “queen” and that he wants to spend every day making her feel like one. 

“As your grandma would say in her Portuguese accent ‘happy bursday baby’ love you until the end of time and then after that,” Bieber wrote.

Before Hailey rang in her 25th, the duo—who have been married since 2018 after meeting each other several years before—spoke on a podcast earlier this month about a time period where they weren’t on great terms.

“It was actually very sad when we didn’t speak,” she said. “I did something that really hurt him, and I think that kind of maybe took that idea [of marrying me] out of his mind at that point.”

As for JB, he’s currently seeing a push from Hatice Cengiz—the woman who was engaged to murdered Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi—to not perform at an upcoming show in Saudi Arabia. She explained why in an op-ed for the Washington Post titled “Please, Justin Bieber, Don’t Perform in Saudi Arabia,” asking him to “not sing for the murderers of my beloved Jamal,” who was killed in 2018.