JT of the City Girls took to Twitter on Sunday to defend Rico Nasty, who was criticized on social media for confronting a fan who threw a bottle at her while she performed Saturday night at the Portland stop of Playboi Carti’s King Vamp Tour.

“I want them to stop disrespecting her that shit not cool!” JT wrote. “Or nothing to laugh about!” 

Rico acknowledged JT’s support, writing, “JT I love you.” 

Over the weekend, footage surfaced showing someone throwing a bottle at Rico during her performance, causing her to stop the show and address the crowd.

“Come get this n***a,” she yelled. “Who? Who, bitch? Who the fuck was it? Be specific, don’t fucking play. Who was it? Who the fuck was it? Where they go? Somebody come get this...”

And with that, she jumped in the crowd to confront the fan herself.