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Jim Jones has a challenge for everyone making fun of his legs. 

The Dipset MC hopped on Instagram earlier this week to post a video of him doing pull-ups, and of course, Instagram had some fun with it. Many commented on the post claiming that the rapper’s legs were disproportionate to his upper body, with some saying he must’ve missed a few leg days. 

“I did some calis it’s to hot almost died but u gotta train th mind to worn out in any condition U never know Wht life may throw at u,” Jones captioned the video. 

Jones wasn’t too happy about the roasting session in his comments, though, and fired back with a challenge for the followers who thought his legs were small. 

“I see everybody’s talking shit about my legs, but you don’t know anything about genetics,” Jones said in a new video. “Probably won’t think about working out. So here’s a little challenge for those who say I ain’t go not legs. I urge everyone who’s talking shit to do the same thing. Just do this and I’ll shut up.”

The rapper then proceeded to do a single-leg squat, telling his haters to “do this and I’ll shut the fuck up.” Whether they did it or not, it seemed like Jones didn’t have much trouble with the leg exercise.