IDMAN wants you to know you’re not alone on her latest single, “Good Life.” Produced by Grammy-winning producer Khris Riddick-Tynes, the Toronto singer brings together flavours of R&B and pop to detail a relationship gone sour. 

The music video for “Good Life” pays tribute to the late Ronnie Spector. The crash test dummy sitting shotgun in IDMAN’s car references one of the few times Spector was let outside without her ex-husband and abuser Phil Spector—the condition being she had to drive around with a dummy modeled after him smoking a cigarette. 

IDMAN hopes that “Good Life” can bring a sliver of comfort and healing to her fans: “I know that I’m not alone in feeling these feelings . . . I hope anyone who’s ever had to watch their shitty exes, and in some cases, their abusers succeed, knows that their distaste and hurt feelings are valid and justified,” she says. “This song was instrumental in my healing, and I truly hope that it finds the people who it can hold in the same ways it has held me.”

IDMAN was featured as one of Complex Canada’s artists to watch out for in both 2021 and 2022.

If you or someone you know is a victim of abuse or domestic violence, there is help. You can reach out to Survived and Punished, Families for Justice as Healing, Community United Against Violence, Free From, or any domestic violence support system in your area.