In an appearance on The Breakfast Club, Freddie Gibbs spoke about moving on from his beef with Jeezy and addressed that rumored fight with Benny the Butcher.

“I was just ready to get past that in my career,” the $oul $old $eparately rapper said at the 6:10-mark of the interview, which can be viewed above. “Me and Jeezy ain’t never had no, like, physical stuff or anything of that nature. So it’s… I can move past that, that was a business disagreement.”

Early in his career, Gibbs was signed to Jeezy’s CTE World label, although he ultimately decided to stop doing business with the South Carolina rapper over a variety of disagreements.

“We ain’t have a real conversation, but we’ve seen each other and… sometimes a handshake is worth a thousand words,” he continued. “We shook each other’s hand, he was with his wife I was with my girl and we just kept it pushing. We was in the airport. But, I mean, the conversation can be had but I don’t even think… If we need to, then cool, but I don’t have nothing against none of that. That situation definitely made me stronger and made me a better artist, so I pay homage to dude. Even when I wasn’t fucking with him, I was still bumping ‘Trap or Die.’ … I had to level up, man.”

Charlamagne went on to mention that when he interviewed Jeezy in the past, he said that they had their issues because “things didn’t work out for you as an artist with him.” Gibbs confirmed as much, adding that it was all came down to business.

“I took it too far and made it personal,” he explained. “That’s where I messed up at. … In that situation, I ain’t keep my composure and I let my emotions spill all over the place and I shouldn’t have did that.”

Earlier this month, Gibbs spoke about setting aside his issues with Jeezy in an interview with Bootleg Kev. "We shook hands and hugged," he said at the time. “It just was, like, ‘Man, salute.’ It was just, like, damn. It was like a relief for both of us, I" feel like. It was like a hug, we exchanged numbers, and we both got on a plane. And that was it.”

Elsewhere in The Breakfast Club chat, Gibbs addressed that long-rumored fight between his camp and Jim Jones’, which allegedly occurred in Miami back in 2020. “It was some stuff,” he replied when asked if he “got into a tussle” with Jones. “It was some furniture moving, but ain’t nobody really get… It was like a food fight or something, it wasn’t nothing crazy. Ain’t nobody get, like, fucked up to that point, you know? It ain’t nothing that people can’t move past.”

Gibbs also briefly spoke about Lizzo and suggested he “blew a kiss” to her only for her to ignore him. Ultimately, though, he conceded that she deserves more support than she’s been getting as of late. “Everybody giving Lizzo a hard time, they need to leave her alone,” he said around the 11:00-mark of the interview.

Gibba also said that he’s planning to properly pursue a career in stand-up comedy going forward after a small series of successful gigs and a memorable performance in the Peacock series Bust Down. “I’m already doing it,” he said when asked about his comedic aspirations. “Man, shout out to Sam Jay, Chris Redd, and rest in peace Jak Knight… But the reason I was on that show Bust Down is because I had a comedy show in L.A. and they came through,” he said. “They was like, ‘Oh man, alright, cool.’ So then they gave me the role. … They gave me a real opportunity to get in that comedy world, so you know I owe all of that comedic stuff to them.”