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The Big Boss Rabbit himself has just hopped on Drake’s “Champagne Poetry” instrumental. 

On Saturday, Freddie Gibbs released “Vice Lord Poetry,” his take on Drizzy’s CLB opener. And he kicks it off by appearing to address a recent line from Kendrick Lamar

“I was big rabbit before the birth of my son/The Earth ain’t big enough for both of us, you gotta get done,” Gibbs spits. “They sayin’ they smoking top fives/But you ain’t burned up to the one.”

Gibbs sounds like he’s responding to Kendrick’s “smoking on your top 5” line from his Baby Keem collab “Family Ties.” He covers plenty of other ground in his two additional verses on the track. “Vice Lord Poetry” sees Gibbs slide over the beat a little more, touching on his relationship with Rick Ross and a lack of radio play. 

The track comes days after Lupe Fiasco dropped his own “Diet Soda Poetry,” hinting at the fact that he’s “thinking about going back” into things following his 2018 release Drogas Wave.

As for Gibbs, the MC has been teasing his upcoming album SSS, and spoke on what fans can expect from his Alfredo follow-up in a recent interview with Complex.

“The new album is going to be crazy,” he said. “This is probably going to be the best album I did. I think this one. I think ever since Piñata, I’ve been dropping classic albums, so I’m not going to stop right there. You know what I’m saying? Piñata, classic. Bandana was a classic. Alfredo is a classic. SSS, going to be the same thing. I leveled up on his album.”