Freddie Gibbs took to Twitter yesterday to viciously call out a label executive who ghosted him at a party last month after signing him to RCA.

“After I made Bandana the n***a that signed me to RCA ghosted me for a year plus,” the rapper tweeted. “Don’t let these industry n***az “brother” you they just care about where they gon be workin at next year. They not creators like you.” 

His tirade didn’t end there. “Pussy ass n***a saw me at a party last month damn near shitted on himself and had to run to @LAMBOLAMBO for shelter,” he tweeted. “Every failed rapper turned exec I know personally is a hoe ass n***a that couldn’t get no bitches.” ScHoolboy Q chimed in as well, commenting with laughing emoji’s “wHy u so mean braH.”

The change of heart comes after a 2019 interview with Billboard, where Freddie Gibbs told critics who were upset with his signing to a major label to “eat a dick.” “I got kids. Any motherfucker from outside looking into a business could try to tell you how to run it, but they don’t know,” Gibbs told the publication. “They don’t know how to do this shit, because if everybody could do this shit, y’all would be doing it. We know what’s best for us and what we need to do.”