Flee Lord and Roc Marciano have teamed up for a full-length collaborative project, and today, they’ve shared the first single featuring Stove God Cooks.

“Trim the Fat” sees all three artists teaming up for a suitably sleazy joint that very much pays respect to the legacy of New York hip-hop. As our first taste of the upcoming record, Delgado, the eerie and grimy track is a breath of fresh of air. Roc’s production particularly stands out, elevating the confidently delivered verses. 

“The project that Roc and I put together has some amazing features, and we spent a good amount of time trying to figure out who we were going to tap for which song, but with ‘Trim The Fat,’ as soon as I heard the beat, before I even recorded my vocals, I knew I needed Stove God to touch this,” Flee Lord commented said of the track. “I ran it by Roc and he felt the same way. Knowing how crazy Stove God was going to go on this motivated me to and I went to work. After Roc and I heard Stove’s verse, there was no doubt that we had to kick things off with ‘Trim The Fat.’”  

Roc added that he was “impressed” when Flee picked out the beat for the track, which he said was “out of left field. He added, “Flee showed no fear; he just jumped right in.” Stove God Cooks told Complex that he was also surprised by the choice of beat, but the energy Flee brought to the song made it an easy collaboration. “With Flee bringing it like that, I just fed off of his energy and we created something really dope,” he said.

Stream “Trim the Fat” above, and look out for Delgado when it drops on Aug. 27.