Diddy changed his name to Love and now he’s giving some attention to an old flame.

On Thursday, Diddy took to Instagram where he posted of himself and his former girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, from when they dated in 1999-2001.

Diddy’s post comes after Lopez and Aaron Rodriguez officially parted ways. Now that they’re single, it has been reported that Lopez has kindled her romance with one of her famous exes, Ben Affleck. According to TMZ, Affleck and Lopez are shacking up in 10,000 square foot house in Miami. Also, a source close to the pair claim that they aren’t trying to hide away in the mansion because they aren’t trying to keep their romance a secret. 

Affleck and Lopez started dating about a little over a year after she and Diddy broke things off. Although Love seems to be in a better light, fans can’t help but think that Diddy is making a bid for Lopez to continue working her way backward until she lands on him. It also doesn’t help that he left a very supportive comment under one of her pictures while she was still dating her ex-fiancé