Did Drake and Jennifer Lopez Just Confirm That They're Dating on Instagram?

Drake and Jennifer Lopez posted another photo of them hanging out on Instagram and seemed to confirm the dating rumors that have been going around.

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Sooooooo this DraLo thing is really happening, huh? Over the course of the last week, Drake and Jennifer Lopez have sparked a bunch of dating rumors by showing up in the same places at the same time.

First, Drake was on hand to watch J. Lo perform at a concert in Las Vegas earlier this month, and the two took this photo together and posted it on social media:

Then, the pair reportedly spent some time together at a private party that Drake threw at a restaurant in West Hollywood a few days later. According to TMZ, this is a video of them leaving that party together:

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Next, a video of them taking part in a magic trick surfaced on Christmas Day, and the two looked awfully cozy while doing some kind of trust fall:

And now, yet another Instagram photo of Drake and J. Lo posing together has got the internet going nuts. Very early Wednesday morning, Drake and J. Lo both posted this photo—sans captions—on IG at almost the same exact time:

And of course, it’s got people on social media speculating about the possibility of a new celebrity couple. "Rihanna to JLo" has been trending on Twitter ever since the photo went up, with many people commenting on how Drake has been romantically linked to both Rihanna and J. Lo over the course of a calendar year:

Everyone is happy about Drake and JLO but I'm still rooting that one day Rihanna and Drake will get Married

— Alana (@AlanaChart_) December 28, 2016

Speaking of Rihanna, some people have also been like, "What happened to those Drake and Rihanna dating rumors?!"

Additionally, people have brought up the contentious connection that exists between Drake and J. Lo’s ex-boyfriend Diddy:

And then, there are those who simply can’t believe that DraLo is actually a thing:

There are obviously some people who are skeptical about all of this, too:

Does any of this mean that Drake and J. Lo are actually dating? No. But they’re clearly going to milk these dating rumors for all they’re worth. And if they ever do get around to confirming their relationship, social media isn’t going to be able to handle it.

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