Eric: Donda, and it isn’t close. Kanye might not have taken as big of a creative risk with Donda as he did with albums like 808s & Heartbreak and Yeezus, but he still managed to make a forward-thinking album that mixed the sensibilities of gospel and contemporary rap in a unique way. Donda doesn’t sound exactly like any other Kanye album, while CLB suffers because the subject matter and production sounds very similar to his previous work.

Andre: Donda, pretty easily. The thing is 27 tracks and there aren’t many easy skips at all.

Jessica: Donda. It’s no surprise that among the two, Kanye took more of a creative risk. From his rollout to the album itself, Kanye’s approach to creating Donda was unprecedented. Sonically, he incorporates gospel and rap with other experimental sounds, which makes for a memorable listen. It didn’t all connect, but he definitely took more risks.