Drake and Kanye West finally making amends and posting pictures and videos together on Tuesday night was an event that the entire industry was happy to see.

West initially extended the olive branch to Drake during his episode of Drink Champs a few weeks ago, pleading to have a conversation with Drizzy so they could settle their differences.

It was unclear whether that would happen until it was revealed Ye had a meeting with J Prince, one of Drake’s mentors and an influential figure in music. From there, Kanye posted a video to his Instagram asking for him and Drake to squash their beef and hold a benefit concert in L.A. to help free Larry Hoover.

At first, Drake didn’t respond, and it looked like Ye’s efforts were in vain—but lo and behold, on Tuesday night the two giants posed together with Prince outside Drake’s home, and later Drizzy posted a video on his Instagram of them together at his party, which was MCed by Dave Chappelle.

Rappers, producers, and influencers all rejoiced in the comments on both artists’ posts when they saw Drake and Ye were finally friends again. From close affiliates like Bu Thiam and Preme joking they can finally unblock each other to fellow rappers like Lil Baby, Quavo, Jaden Smith sending love and excitement, check out what the hip-hop world had to say about Kanye and Drake coming back together down below.