Exactly one week after the release of the first part of Kanye West’s headlines-spawning Drink Champs interview, the sequel has arrived with a slew of its own headlines in tow. 

Notably, the second half—which runs over an hour this time around—arrives amid coverage of Soulja Boy’s latest comments about Ye. Despite a publicly shared apology from Yeezy about how he handled an ultimately scrapped Donda verse, Big Draco had plenty of criticism still left to share during a return to the Breakfast Club.

Part II of West’s Drink Champs discussion also comes as developments continue to stack up with regards to a potential concert special that aims to further raise awareness around the push for Larry Hoover’s freedom. In fact, the first chunk of the new video sees Larry Hoover Jr. being given the floor.

Below, as was the case with the first part, we’ve rounded up some highlights.