Lyricism comes in various shapes and forms. Yet, the age-old concept of comparing the way women approach rap to male rappers stops one from seeing the full spectrum of hip-hop. It also annoys fans of female rap. Unfortunately for Dorrough, he didn’t learn from Jermaine Dupri’s mistake and now he’s caught in Twitter’s cross-hairs. 

Last week, the Dallas native sent out a tweet that critiqued women rappers for being one-dimensional. Rather than appreciate the innovation for Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Rapsody, and more and allowing them to stand alone as their own talents, Dorrough wanted to look for the female counterparts of respected male artists.

“I love female rappers. But where is the female Nipsey Hussle? Where is the female J Cole, Kendrick, Jay Z, Nas etc.???” he wrote. “I just mostly see the same type. I could be wrong tho” And if Twitter wasn’t enough, he then posted a screenshot of the tweet on his Instagram page.


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As expected, this didn’t sit well with reads. They flooded Dorrough’s comments and mentions with rebuttals and a lot of jokes.