Fans were able to watch the first installation of DMX’s final two-part interview on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on TV One’s autobiographical series, Uncensored.

The exclusive interview was filmed a mere three weeks before DMX’s tragic death on April 9. In Sunday’s interview, viewers can expect X to look back on his childhood in Yonkers, New York, his 30-year music career, and all the emotional times in between. “We have one hour with the late rapper in his own words,” Cathy Hughes, Urban One Founder and Chairwoman, said of the interview, per Bossip. “For DMX to be with us just three weeks before God called him home, I believe it’s truly divine intervention.”

The second part of DMX’s last interview will air on Monday at 10 p.m. ET, where the late rapper’s family and friends will celebrate his life and impact on hip-hop.

During the revealing interview, DMX shared a story about the time he met an angel when he was four years old. He was hit with a car while visiting a family friend with his mom and younger sister in Yonkers, New York. He had been told to watch his sister outside the building where his mom was visiting a friend. He found a dime and left to go to the store to buy a lollipop and a ball. 

“As soon as I stepped off the curb coming down from the store, a car hit me [and] knocked me way over on the other side of the street up under another car,” he recalled. 

He tried to get off the ground, but a white woman with a clipboard came and told him to lie down. After his mom came to the scene and an ambulance was called, the woman disappeared.

“You’d think that she would’ve stuck around because she saw the whole thing. I don’t know, I felt like it was an angel,” he said. “She got no business being in the ‘hood with a clipboard.”

X’s posthumous album, Exodus is set to arrive on May 28. Encompassing all new music, the project boasts features from a number of heavy-hitters, like Usher, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, the Lox, Snoop Dogg, Griselda, and Nas.