In March of last year, Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender. Per court documents included in subsequent reports, Petty “knowingly failed” to register in Los Angeles after moving. In New York, Petty was reported at the time to be a registered level 2 sex offender in connection with an attempted first-degree rape conviction stemming from a 1994 assault.

Now, the woman who Minaj previously claimed penned a letter to a judge years ago in an attempt to recant the assault accusation has spoken with Laura Bradley for an expansive Daily Beast feature focused on the intimidation tactics with which she’s allegedly been targeted. 

Using only her first name, “Jennifer,” the woman said in the report that both she and Petty were 16 at the time of the assault. She also refuted Minaj’s claims of having sent a letter to a judge in an effort to recant her statement, further alleging that “associates” of both Minaj and Petty have harassed her as part of a push for her to do exactly that. In at least one instance, for example, it’s alleged that someone offered Jennifer hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of the couple.

Complex has reached out to Nicki Minaj’s label rep for comment on the report.

Jennifer said she moved multiple times last year due to safety concerns and has spoken with U.S. Marshals, who reportedly told her an investigation (with evidence) is underway. All of this, per Jennifer, was put into motion following Petty’s California 2020 arrest. Jennifer and Petty, as backed up by a friend of Jennifer’s, were not in a relationship at the time of the assault at the center of his 1995 conviction for attempted rape in the first degree, second-degree assault, and second-degree unlawful imprisonment. Petty denied the rape allegation.

One specific instance of alleged harassment mentioned in the Daily Beast report involves Barry, a man who Jennifer recalled had been friends with her brother when they were in school. According to Jennifer, Barry reached out to her a few days after Petty’s 2020 arrest. Eventually, per Jennifer, Barry said Nicki Minaj herself wanted to have a conversation with her. The conversation is said to have seen Minaj offering help with “anything you need,” including an invitation to be flown out to California. 

“Listen. I just need you to know, woman to woman, this really happened,” Jennifer recalled telling Minaj, who—alongside Petty—is said to have been seemingly laying the groundwork for an NDA or similar agreement at the time.

Jennifer never spoke with Minaj again following this reported call. Shortly after, however, Jennifer said her brother notified her that a man from New York had contacted their cousin in North Carolina with an offer of half a million dollars in exchange for speaking with Petty’s attorney. Barry had also allegedly urged Jennifer to recant her rape allegation, later—according to the report—showing up outside her house with a $20,000 cash offer to put her signature on a letter in which the allegations would be recanted.

Later, it’s noted that Jennifer believed Barry was angling to get Minaj to make an appearance at a birthday party for his daughter, while her family members—the brother and the cousin mentioned above—were hoping to score a Minaj club appearance from which they would both make money.

Deeper into the piece, Jennifer expressed optimism about her declining to cave to these alleged intimidation tactics, explaining her wish that it inspires other women to “not live in fear of speaking their truth.”

The full piece by Laura Bradley, including more details on the alleged harassment Jennifer has received from Minaj and Petty associates, can be found here.

Petty, who is currently awaiting trial in a pending criminal case, had his pretrial conditions altered by a judge last summer after asking for travel to be allowed due to the then-impending birth of his and Minaj’s son.