DDG has again addressed recent Rubi Rose-related developments, this time in song form.

As you’ve likely noticed in recent weeks, DDG and Halle Bailey have both been sharing headline space with Rose, including in connection with alleged DM screenshots. An oft-referenced highlight of the slew of tweets was one that still remained live at the time of this writing, namely Rose stating that “having ur bitch [wear] my clothes is crazy.” This, of course, was a nod to Bailey having been seen wearing a shirt design Rose was previously spotted in back in 2020.

Rubi Rose seen tweeting about a clothing controversy
Image via Rubi Rose on Twitter

On Friday, DDG issued a two-part response. First, he shared a comment on the following post from The Shade Room.

“I don’t want that woman i swear,” DDG wrote, adding that he comes “in peace.” He also directed those reading his comment to turn their attention to his new song.

The Shade Room comments section pictured
Image via The Shade Room on Instagram

The song, titled “Way Too Petty,” opens with DDG lamenting the sharing of screenshots. Deeper into the track, he (albeit without mentioning anyone’s name) clearly references the same aforementioned t-shirtroversy:

“I could fall off and come right back, like it’s rebirth/Don’t believe the internet, this not that bitch’s t-shirt”

Hear “Way Too Petty” in full below.

For now, Rose does not appear to have addressed the track or DDG’s latest remarks. Previously, both DDG and Halle Bailey have spoken out amid earlier chapters of this apparent saga in progress.