Kanye West, already the subject of a three-part Netflix documentary, is about to get his very own university course in Montreal.

Concordia University will be offering students the opportunity to take a deep dive into all things Kanye. “Kanye vs. Ye: Genius by Design,” taught by MC and professor Yassin “Narcy” Alsalman, will study the evolution of the iconic rapper’s artistry, controversy, and cultural impacts. It will be Canada’s first university course devoted solely to Kanye.


Beyond West, the class is about “community, creativity, responsibility, accountability, fame and mental health, dreams and nightmares — and more importantly, self-actualization,” said Alsalman in an Instagram post.

“This class dissects Ye’s art, design, music, celebrity and cultural impacts in the age of information,” says the course description. “Unquestionably a problematic figure, Kanye West, or Ye, is also a maven of all the creative industries he has touched. By using Kanye’s albums as cultural, artistic and personal lenses, this class studies the evolution of his genius and explores the concepts of ‘Kanyetive Dissonance’—the unique complex and controversial natures and contexts of Kanye’s body of work.”

Alsalman, who has been teaching at Concordia since 2013, is not your average professor. Known best by his stage name, Narcy, he is also a rapper. Narcy’s next single, from his upcoming album IRAQ-A-FELLA, drops this Friday.

Album artwork Iraqafella
Image via Narcy

Students interested in studying Ye are encouraged to apply now through Concordia’s online portal, as the course is expected to fill up quickly with only 200 spots available.

If Ye isn’t your jam, then perhaps you’d be interested in this course about Drake and The Weeknd being offered in Toronto.