Cardi B is expecting to have her baby around mid September, according to court documents obtained by Complex.

Initially reported by AllHipHop, the documents emerged when Cardi asked a judge to push back her court date with blogger Tasha K—which was scheduled for September 13—due to her pregnancy. Cardi initially filed a $75,000 defamation of character and slander lawsuit against Tasha in March 2019 over her labelling Cardi as a former prositute spreading HPV. Tasha hit back with a $3 million countersuit and alleged that Cardi threatened to send members of the Bloods to her home. The counterclaim was dismissed earlier this month. 

In the documents, Cardi B’s lawyer, Lisa F. Moore, writes that the rapper is expecting her second child around mid-September.

“[Cardi B”] recently announced that she is pregnant with her second child. [Cardi B] will be unable to attend trial on the currently scheduled dates because she is scheduled to give birth around that time,” Moore writes.