Honorable Mentions: Terror Squad f/ Fat Joe and Remy Ma “Lean Back,” Snoop Dogg f/ Pharrell “Drop It Like It's Hot,” Crime Mob “Knuck If You Buck”

I dare anyone to find a couplet more 2004, more Texas, than this from Slim Thug’s lead verse on “Still Tippin’”: “Oh, Gucci shades up on my braids when I Escalade/When I'm riding Sprewells sliding like a escapade.” It’s not just hip-hop materialism, but hip-hop materialism of a distinct sort—as Houston as Thugga’s gold grillz and tipped fitted or the “four fours, wrapped in four Vogues” from the hypnotic hook.

“Still Tippin’” actually originally dated back to 2002, when it featured Chamillionaire, but after the former had a falling out with Mike Jones, a recut version with a then-unknown Paul Wall hit in 2004, put Swishahouse on the map and ended up being everyone’s ringtone for at least a couple of weeks. Wall’s verse, which introduced “got the Internet goin’ nuts” to the vernacular (which itself was later sampled to drive a Wall single) ended things perfectly. “Still Tippin’” rolled slow, dragged and dripped, shone like neon trunks, and was (and still is) impossible to listen to just once. Who is Mike Jones? For a while everybody knew the answer to that. —RB