The Alchemist Reveals That Jay Z Passed On "We Gonna Make It"

The Alchemist discusses the origins of the "We Gonna Make It" beat and how Jay Z passed over it.

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Alchemist was the guest of the inaugural episode of ItsTheReal podcast, A Waste Of Time. The funny hour long interview touched on a number of topics, from aux cord DJs, to the merits of Trader Joes compared to other top supermarkets. However, The Alchemist did recall the creation of one of his most memorable beats of his illustrious career, Jadakiss' "We Gonna Make It." He details the making of the instrumental from its beginning, when it was originally intended to be a Nas track. One of the more interesting tidbits from his story, was the fact that Jay Z heard the beat, but eventually passed. Apparently Jay was a fan of the Alchemist and thought "We Gonna Make It" was great, but he never pulled the trigger.

The Alchemist goes on to talk about some more times that Jay and himself came close to making music together, but they have yet to come together on a track. While it is unfortunate, his recounting of the tales are pretty funny. Check out the interview below.

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