Album: Killa Season (2006)
Producer: I.N.F.O.

The superb hook from Max B aside, this is a brutally personal song between two titans who go back decades. Just as he would do with 50 Cent on “Curtis,” Cam narrowed the scope just enough to inflict maximum damage: You can fool the rest of the world, long as New York know. But really, how is the king of New York rocking sandals with jeans and he 42 years old? There are most knife-twisting lines in “You Gotta Love It” than can be quoted in this space, but the most vicious barb ever thrown Jay’s way—from Nas, Pac, anybody—might be “...and you stabbed Un over Charli Baltimore.” What’s more: when he brings up his past collaboration with Beyoncé (on the excellent “Do It Again,” from S.D.E.), he says he “had the thing fuckin’ singin’ ‘bout slinging crack.” —Paul Thompson

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