Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue wants fans to learn from his mistakes. 

After the rapper turned himself in to begin his 20-month prison sentence over a $24 million COVID-19 loan scheme, VladTV published an interview where he speaks on how he got caught up in the scam. As he explains, he was lied to. 

Baby Blue claimed that at the start of the pandemic,  he was the “only” man who “had face masks in America,” and ultimately “made a quarter of a million dollars in 20 days” after selling 2 million masks. The masks came from one of his clothing manufacturers in China, he said.

The artist then decided to buy a baby blue Lamborghini for himself for $250,000, but said a football agent working for a record label talked him out of the purchase and claimed they’d cover it instead. The man reportedly asked for Blue’s LLC and name, before Blue woke up to a few hundred thousand dollars and paid the man a $100K commission.

“I still don’t know how I got the money, I’m thinking it came from the football agent’s loan company,” he told DJ Vlad. “I don’t know the details of what’s going on because this the beginning of the pandemic. Don’t nobody know what a PPP is. It don’t exist, it’s brand new…n***a, I’m a musician. I don’t know shit about no PPP. I barely know how to file my motherfuckin’ taxes.”

He told Vlad his name has been run “through the mud” and that he was the center of headlines, when he was only used in a “marketing tool at that point, it’s called influencer marketing.” 

Blue pleaded guilty on Aug. 4 to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud after being arrested in October of 2020, when his LLC got a loan of nearly $427K, and his Blue Star Records LLC got a loan of $708K.

“The n***as who got us the loans turned informants,” Blue claimed. “They turned to the confidential informants and now they start telling, ‘Oh, we did loans for them and them and them, and they bought this and this and that. But these the same people you ain’t even tell them where the money came from. You told them it was coming from a football agency.”