Twitter Really Wants Future to Drop New Music After Ciara and Russell Wilson Got Engaged

Would Future do it?

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Moments ago, Russell Wilson announced on Twitter that he's now engaged to Ciara. While the congratulations and compliments quickly poured in, there were of course some jokes surrounding Future. Notably, people were saying that the Atlanta rapper now needs to drop some new music to help himself deal with the situation. Though Future has been publicly critical of his situation with Ciara and has sent plenty of subliminals her way since they split, it's doubtful that he would pick today of all days to drop new music.

Still, the day-to-day Twitter advisors think he should unload whatever he has in the vault and make the situation that much more awkward. On a related note, Future's Instagram comments are currently filled with the diamond ring emoji, which seems to be payback from when his fans flocked to Ciara's mentions after Purple Reign dropped. If you remember, Ciara recently hit Future with a $53 million lawsuit, so there's definitely a chance that this whole thing could get even messier going forward. 

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