Cardi B on Offset Paternity Test Rumors: ‘Why Would Ya Post This Knowing That Sh*t Is Wild Fake?’

Cardi B says the paternity test saying Offset is the father of an Instagram model's baby is fake.

Cardi B is weighing in on the alleged paternity documents shared by Instagram model Celina Powell declaring Offset as the father of her baby.

When XXL tweeted an article about the possible paternity test, Cardi was quick to dismiss it. "Why would ya post this knowing that shit is wild fake," she tweeted to the hip-hop magazine.

Why would ya post this knowing that shit is wild fake

— Cardi B (@iamcardib) April 30, 2018

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper isn't the only one calling foul on Powell. Twitter detectives have been on the case. One person accused Powell of doing the same thing with Chief Keef.

I just feel like we should remind people that she pulled the same photoshop bullshit on chief keif about this exact time last year...when she was ‘pregnant’ by him too.

— Autumn Marie Gullatt (@AGullatt970) April 29, 2018

Another person looked up the reference number on the file and found some suspicious information, while someone else found a typo. @xocelina187 we put your reference number in boo 2017 JV 1303 give up now????? @OffsetYRN this bitch tried it. @Bossip @XXL @BET y’all can go post the true tea now.

— Brianne rose (@Briannerose14) May 1, 2018

In the meantime, this is far from the only stressful situation Cardi B is in. Aside from being able to barely breathe with her pregnant belly, she's also being sued by her former manager for $10 million. Apparently, she's beefing with new people too.

"Ever since I got pregnant, all of a sudden I've got this new beef. Every day bitches got something to say," she said recently. "Wait 'til I drop this baby, what's good? Bitches was talking crazy, watch when I drop this baby." Yikes.

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