On Thursday night, news broke that Cardi B is being sued by her former manager, Shaft, for $10 million dollars for breach of contract and defamation, among other things. Now, Cardi’s side of the story is emerging: TMZ reports that the Bronx rapper dropped her former manager because he was secretly swiping crazy amounts of money from her.

TMZ claims Cardi confronted Shaft over Super Bowl weekend, when she accused him of "cooking the books” so it appeared she was earning less than she really was so that he could skim large sums off the top. According to TMZ’s sources, “if Cardi got a gig that paid $100,000, Shaft would tell her she was making $50,000 and allegedly pocket the balance.” 

On top of all of this, Cardi’s fiancé Offset “went ballistic” when he learned Cardi was paying Shaft what he considers a higher than average fee of 20 percent. As a result, Offset is the one who really pushed for Cardi to drop Shaft. 

The lawsuit claims Cardi accused Shaft of stealing from her while knowing it was untrue. It also mentions Offset’s involvement in Cardi’s move from KSR to Quality Control, which also manages Migos, back in March. Shaft reportedly believes Offset's trying to control Cardi’s career. 

TMZ's sources say Shaft recognizes the 20 percent manager’s fee was high but that a large chunk went to paying writers and producers who in turn created some of her biggest hits, including “Bodak Yellow.”