Watch Tyler, the Creator Freestyle for Funk Flex

Nothing but indisputable fire.

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Tyler, the Creator dropped in on Funkmaster Flex and his Hot 97 team for an interview he later characterized as "hours of non-sense." Toward the end of the appearance, Tyler also gifted us with an exhilarating freestyle during which he addressed a number of topics.

"The cancel couch is fake and I recline it," raps Tyler around three minutes into the freestyle, going on to poke fun at Flex throughout. Elsewhere, he calls for the release of ASAP Rocky and boasts of taking someone's "amazing grace" vibes:

N***as thought that I was weird and shit, they kept they space/But it's cool 'cause now I got the(y?) amazing grace

Other highlights include this Kelly-mocking line:

Like R. Kelly wet dreams, I always keep sixteens, n***a

This Flex shout-out:

Me and Flex lookin' in the index for buff net n***as just for some hot butt sex

And this extended tale:


See the full freestyle up top, then drop down for the entire Funk Flex interview.

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As for the interview, which is thankfully quite extensive indeed and would also certainly have its watchability spoiled a bit were we to meticulously break it all down here, the discussion shifts gears within minutes after an admission from Flex. Amid a playful back-and-forth, Flex explains that he was initially reluctant to embrace both Tyler and his introductory era, the (now-over) Odd Future years.

They also talked about the importance of waiting to go to college until you’re older in favor of doing what you want, Tyler listening to Funk Flex live-debuting one of the entires in the Pusha-T vs. Drake saga while in a session with ASAP Ferg and Dev Hynes, the short-lived returns found in viral fame, the potential of YG (Tyler specifically requests that he "get weirder"), and much more.

Stop reading this shit and watch it all above. Tyler's latest album IGOR is available to stream here.

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