Trick Daddy Slams ‘White Bigot’ Florida Governor Over Legislation Targeting LGBTQ Community and Abortions

Trick Daddy—who is from Florida—strongly criticized the Republican governor for his recent legislative actions, including signing the "Don't Say Gay" bill.

Trick Daddy is seen performing at an event

Image via Getty/John Parra

Trick Daddy is seen performing at an event

“White bigot” Ron DeSantis is being called out by Florida’s own Trick Daddy, who criticized the Trumplican governor’s “biased” legislation in a recent interview.

Speaking with Raquel Harper on her TMZ podcastIt’s Tricky on Tuesday, Trick noted how it’s “getting more expensive” to live in his home state for everyone these days. In recent months, he said, people have been told their rent would be increased as much as $500 in some regions of the state. “That’s a lot of damn money for somebody that’s living low class,” he said.

From there, DeSantis was brought up by the host, prompting Trick to criticize the “white bigot” for his slew of targeted political moves.

“He thinks he’s a white European bigot now,” he said. “He forgot that he’s from another country so he’s an other. He forgot about that. He forgot about the struggle, forgot about us. We did that. … For all you motherfuckers that’s listening that didn’t vote, that’s worse than the motherfuckers that voted for him. … We let him become who he is.”

Getting more specific, Trick Daddy turned his attention to the widely criticized Don’t Say Gay bill, which DeSantis signed into law earlier this year.

“He needs to go check in his closet and make sure none of his kids is in the closet,” he said on Tuesday’s episode. “And he just needs to understand that what he’s doing, he’s singling out all types of people in their walks and ways of life. That is a racist, biased law. I think it needs to be shut down.”

Also signed into law in Florida earlier this year was a bill that bans abortions in the state after 15 weeks. Per NPR, the law is set to take effect in July and does not include exceptions for rape victims. Addressing this during his talk with Harper, Trick Daddy noted that it’ll be DeSantis’ fault when more rape victims are forced to bring a baby to term.

“They playing around with the numbers,” he said. “But once it’s out there [that] you can’t have an abortion, the average little young girl who’s been molested by her stepdad or her teacher or her coach or her priest, she’s gonna be so scared and nervous by the time she tells her mama what happened she’s gonna be 16 weeks and stuck with a baby from a motherfucking predator. And it’s gonna be Ron DeSantis’ fault, because rape victims are not protected either.”

See clips from the full discussion above. For the full episode, listen now below or via Apple Podcasts. Notably, Trick Daddy previously criticized his state’s government in an interview withThe Breakfast Club.

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