Viral Punjabi Rapper’s Wildly Popular TikTok Freestyle Gets Official Release and Lands Him a Record Deal

The Ranjha dropped the official version of his "Muqabala" freestyle after amassing tens of millions of social media views.

Video via Mass Appeal India

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Video via Mass Appeal India

The Ranjha has partnered with Mass Appeal to release a new studio version of the Punjabi rapper’s wildly popular "Muqabala" freestyle.

‘Muqabala’ by The Ranjha is out now ✅

— Navjosh (@Navjosh) May 15, 2024
Twitter: @Navjosh

As you’ve no doubt seen in recent months, the original freestyle, which first popped up on social media back in January, has grown into an undeniable viral success story to the tune of tens of millions of views. The freestyle also caught the attention of more than a few familiar names, Ebro Darden and Lil Duval among them.

While the new version carries over the lyrics from the breakout freestyle, it gives them a fresh foundation thanks to production from The Kidd. Listen here via the streamer of your choice.

Press notes shared alongside Wednesday’s "Muqabala" rollout state fans of the viral freestyle can expect more new music to arrive soon through Mass Appeal India. Stay tuned.

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