It Sure Seems Like Taylor Swift Is Singing About Kim Kardashian on This 'Tortured Poets' Track

In the song, revealingly titled "thanK you aIMee," Swift sings of someone who "beat my spirit black and blue."

Taylor Swift performs with guitar, fringed outfit. Kim Kardashian in white dress at event
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Taylor Swift performs with guitar, fringed outfit. Kim Kardashian in white dress at event

With the arrival of The Tortured Poets Department, Taylor Swift let the world know that "this period of the author’s life is now over, the chapter closed and boarded up." But this sense of artistic finality following a "secret double album" exploring what Swift has described as "a fleeting and fatalistic moment in time" doesn’t mean that fans won’t continue to dissect each line from the 31-song experience, including, perhaps most glaringly, the aptly named "thanK you aIMee."

Yes, if you put the three carefully capitalized letters from the song title together, they do indeed spell out, you guessed it, KIM. Naturally, the title alone was enough for fans to speculate that this particular Tortured Poets entry was inspired by Swift’s headlines-amassing issues with Kim Kardashian in the past.

The song uses a high school setting to paint the subject of this particular story, Aimee, as a mean girl-esque bully who "stomped across my grave" and "wrote headlines in the local paper." Right there in the opening verse, Swift imagines "a bronze spray-tanned statue" of this "Aimee" in her hometown. Worth noting is that "hometown," in this instance, appears to be Swift’s way of referring to Hollywood at large, not any actual hometown, with this same unnamed region later referred to as "our town." Per the narrator, this city "looks so small" from her later vantage point.

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Deeper into the track, which boasts sparse but building instrumentation and co-production from Aaron Dessner, we arrive at a few choice lines that have received the bulk of the ensuing fan attention. In the third verse, the narrator points to a legacy she's built that Aimee "can't undo," although she quickly concedes that "there wouldn't be this, if there hadn't been you."

I wrote a thousand songs that you find uncool
I built a legacy which you can't undo
But when I count the scars, there's a moment of truth
That there wouldn't be this, if there hadn't been you

This rolls right into the bridge, wherein the narrator says she changed the name of the song's subject and removed "any real defining clues." She further imagines this individual's child one day singing along to a track "only us two is gonna know is about you," like so:

And maybe you've reframed it
And in your mind, you never beat my spirit black and blue
I don't think you've changed much
And so I changed your name, and any real defining clues
And one day, your kid comes home singin'
A song that only us two is gonna know is about you

The composition’s swelling instrumentation parallels the narrator’s changing feelings toward this "Aimee," as well. By the end of the song, the narrator’s healing takes center stage, with gratitude, finally, replacing (or at the very least peacefully coexisting alongside) the anger present earlier in the lyrics. However, just before a closing "thank you" to this "Aimee," the narrator does repeat the post-chorus’ "Everyone knows that my mother is a saintly woman/But she used to say she wished that you were dead" line.

All that to say, here's a look at how fans are taking this so far:

Kim Kardashian ripping the photo of Taylor off her “SKIMS 2025 Campaign” vision board this morning after thinking getting Lana, Sabrina, and Brittany was inching her closer

— Andrew (@andrewnucatola) April 19, 2024

Didn’t have Taylor Swift writing a better diss track than Drake, Kendrick and J. Cole on my bingo card….thoughts and prayers to Kim Kardashian

— Wu Tang is for the Children (@WUTangKids) April 19, 2024

a taylor swift song about kim kardashian….in 2024??? we are so back #tsTTPD

— Jesse Thee Slade 🥂 (@Jesse_bslade) April 19, 2024

Kim Kardashian hearing “thanK you aIMee” playing from North’s room:

— Matilda (@bytaylorsdesign) April 19, 2024

taylor adding that random fuck you to kim kardashian ❤️‍🩹

— hannah 🦎 (@91KMMLT) April 19, 2024

Taylor Swift after dissing Kim Kardashian

— jay🧸 (@fwj6y) April 19, 2024

Kim Kardashian waking up to seeing Taylor Swift dissing her

— jay🧸 (@fwj6y) April 19, 2024

tuning in to the tortured poets department expecting joe alwyn slander but instead it’s kim kardashian getting dissed

— kadriye (@tayspetsch) April 19, 2024

For those somehow unfamiliar, it was a perplexing (and for news writers, exhausting) time in both Ye and Swift’s respective trajectories upon the 2016 release of "Famous," with the Swizz Beatz-assisted TLOP single’s "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex" and "I made that bitch famous" lyrics generating roughly a gajillion news hits spanning across several years.

Kim, of course, became directly involved in the extensive controversy when she shared footage showing part of a conversation between her then-husband Ye and Swift, who had publicly slammed the lyrics. Swift was arguably vindicated, however, when a longer version of the video was released several years later.

The landscape looks much different, in fact, in 2024. Ye and Kim, of course, are no longer married. And while Ye recently scored a new No. 1 album alongside Ty Dolla Sign with this year's Vultures 1, its release was preceded by a Hitler-praising Alex Jones interview.

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