Diddy Addresses Sharing Jennifer Lopez Throwback Pic in New Interview

Over the summer, the artist sometimes known as Love shared a timely throwback photo of Jennifer Lopez, inspiring a wave of jokes and questions.


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Back in May, Diddy—now in the Sean “Love” Combs era—shared a throwback photo of himself and Jennifer Lopez. Due to the timing of the photo, namely the fact it was shared not long after J. Lo and Alex Rodriguez announced their split to the world, jokes quickly ensued.

In a new interview, Diddy addressed the photo, which no longer appears on Instagram after the Bad Boy founder’s recent move of completely wiping his feed.

Speaking with Tressie McMillan Cottom for Vanity Fair, Diddy affirmed that he and Lopez—whose prior history together is well-documented—merely remain good friends all these years later. As for that throwback photo, Diddy is said in the new cover story piece to have explained that it was solely intended to be a “throwback post from a great time in his life.” After being pushed a little more about the photo, Diddy added:

“It wasn’t no trolling involved, that’s just my friend,” he said. “And I don’t have nothing to say about her relationship or her life.”

The new interview also provides a good deal of insight as to where Diddy is aiming to take his multifaceted career next with the “Love” era, including mention of a five-year plan and his deeming of love as a “mission” everyone is on together.

Elsewhere, Diddy expressed excitement about, in his words, “coming back into music.” He also touched on the inspiration behind his new record label, which will be an “all R&B label” that utilizes a partnership-based approach as opposed to signing traditional deals.

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Last month, Diddy announced that a new project titled Off the Grid Vol. 1 would be arriving this September via Bad Boy and Epic. Seemingly, the project marks the musical beginning of the “Love” era.

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