Nipsey Hussle, Michael Jackson, XXXTentacion Among Forbes' Top-Earning Late Celebs

Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, and Whitney Houston also made the list.


Image via Getty/David Crotty/Patrick McMullan


Michael Jackson lands at No. 1 on a new Forbes ranking of late celebrities' yearly earnings.

For the measuring period of October 2018 through October 2019, the King of Pop is said to have made $60 million in pretax income. Per Forbes, that number gives Jackson his seventh consecutive year in the top spot.

Nipsey Hussle and XXXTentacion also made the latest update to the list, with Nipsey's well-documented aim of maintaining the rights to his masters having helped the estate better monetize the nearly 2 billion streams his catalog accumulated during the ranking period.

XXXTentacion, meanwhile, is credited here as the "most-streamed" late artist in the U.S. with a total of 5.6 billion streams during the ranking period.

Below, see the full Forbes list, then pay them a visit for an extended breakdown:

  1. Michael Jackson $60 million
  2. Elvis Presley $39 million
  3. Charles Schulz $38 million
  4. Arnold Palmer $30 million
  5. Bob Marley $20 million
  6. Dr. Seuss $19 million 
  7. John Lennon $14 million
  8. Marilyn Monroe $13 million
  9. Prince $12 million
  10. Nipsey Hussle $11 million
  11. XXXTentacion $10 million
  12. Whitney Houston $9.5 million
  13. George Harrison $9 million

The inimitable Prince, who landed at No. 9 on the list, is also making headlines this week thanks to the release of The Beautiful Ones. The memoir, produced in collaboration with writer Dan Piepenbring, includes some thoughts from the Purple One regarding pop music at large in which he specifically mentioned Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran.

"We need to tell them that they keep trying to ram Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran down our throats and we don't like it no matter how many times they play it," he says in the book, out now.

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