Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion Feud: Teen Activist Asks for Artists' Help in Fight for Clean Water

Mari Copeny, also known as Little Miss Flint, says she was "attacked by Barbz" after suggesting the two artists offer their support.

nicki minaj and megan thee stallion pictured
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nicki minaj and megan thee stallion pictured

Given the extensive headlines attention given to recent developments of the Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion variety, it’s understandable that a young activist fighting for clean water in Flint, Michigan and beyond might want to seize the moment.

That was exactly the admirablly well-timed approach taken by 16-year-old activist Mari Copeny, whose history of tireless work on this issue dates back to Barack Obama's second term in the White House.

“Hey [Nicki Minaj] and [Megan Thee Stallion] I have an idea!” Copeny, also known as Little Miss Flint, said over the weekend. “I have an idea! Let me introduce myself. I’m Mari and I’m a 16 year old from Flint, MI.  I have been working half of my life to get clean water not just to Flint but to hundreds of other communities dealing with clean water crisis.”

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From there, Copeny pointed to her past work in Flint, specifically what she learned about the long-term impacts of plastic bottles and her efforts to raise funds to cover the coast of outfitting homes with a special filter. The 16-year-old activist also pointed to water crises in areas outside of Michigan including Mississippi, Illinois, and New Jersey.

Ultimately, Copeny suggested that Nicki and Megan both pledge a penny from each stream of their latest songs, i.e. “HISS” and “Big Foot.”

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Copeny later said she was being "attacked by Barbz" in response to her post, which she said had not yet been met with contact from reps for neither Nicki nor Megan.

"Still no word from either artist or their team," she wrote in an update on Tuesday.

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Shortly after, Copeny shared an extended message detailing the importance of introducing those with massive platforms, like Nicki and Megan, to the cause. Doing so is a necessity, she said, because most everyday people simply aren't paying attention to such issues.

"I can tweet about the issues all day and for the most part nobody listens," Copeny wrote.

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For more on Copeny's work, see here.

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