Nicki Minaj Fans Are Convinced She's Dissing Latto and Megan Thee Stallion on 'Pink Friday' Sequel

The 22-track album dropped on Friday after fans spent a ton of time traversing Gag City.

nicki minaj, latto, and megan thee stallion are pictured
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nicki minaj, latto, and megan thee stallion are pictured

With Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday sequel now out in the world, the lyrical dissections have begun.

First up, we have the track "Fallin 4 U," produced by DB! and ATL Jacob. As you've no doubt seen on your timeline this morning, some fans are convinced that Nicki is taking shots at Latto on the song, specifically in the third verse.

While official lyrics for the album had not been made available on streaming services at the time of this writing, here's what most people are hearing:

"Picture you endin' up under the seat, where the dread at?

Picture not listenin' when I said that you would dread that

I mean locs ho, you-you's a chop ho

I'm number one, y'all go argue over top four"

Naturally, especially due to previous headlines of the Latto and Nicki variety, some listeners have taken the "locs ho" bit as a clever phonetic nod to the former's stage name. In an interview with Billboard back in February, Latto called her past issues with Nicki "disappointing."

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Meanwhile, some listeners also think Nicki is dissing Megan Thee Stallion on a different track, "FTCU," which also features production by ATL Jacob. In the second verse, Nicki does indeed mention both Tory Lanez and Iggy Azalea. As previously reported, Iggy made headlines earlier this year after her Tory Lanez sentencing letter was revealed:

"I will never slippy like a Mickey
Stay in your Tory lane, bitch, I'm not Iggy"

Unfortunately, some listeners have been quick to always pit Megan and Nicki against each other, including with an abortion-related rumor last year. Megan shut down such talk at the time, telling fans any claim of her having told Nicki to get an abortion and/or drink while pregnant was a "lie."

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For now, none of these artists have spoken out publicly about the lyrics. Fans have had plenty to say, however, as seen below.

Latto And Cardi B And Megan Thee Stallion And HitKidd Should Have Never Fucked With Nicki Minaj Now Look At Y’all Stupid Ass Mother Fuckers Nicki Is Stone Cold Killer In That Studio Booth Deep Dragging You Hoes Back And Forwards 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

— “Devin Andrew White 🦄💰🐆🐲😜™ ” (@DawTheKen321) December 8, 2023
Twitter: @DawTheKen321

"Picture you not listening when I said you would dread that. I mean Latto, you’s a chop h*e"
oh Nicki Minaj… ur insane.

— welp. (@YSLONIKA) December 8, 2023
Twitter: @YSLONIKA

“I mean Latto you a chopped hoe !” - Falling 4 U #PINKFRIDAY2 @NICKIMINAJ IM SCREAMING!

— Ashley PETTY 💅🏾 (@ashleyypetty) December 8, 2023
Twitter: @ashleyypetty

“I mean Latto, yous a chop hoe.” CALL EM OUT NICKIIIII #PINKFRIDAY2 #NickiMinaj

— E✨ (@endya_lovee) December 8, 2023
Twitter: @endya_lovee

Megan Thee Stallion needs to disappear after that Nicki Minaj diss

Free Tory Lanez too

— CP3 (@Cp3backup) December 8, 2023
Twitter: @Cp3backup


— Symone ➐ 🫵🏾 (@barbieswingin3) December 8, 2023
Twitter: @barbieswingin3

Pink Friday 2 is out now.

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