Multiple HIV/AIDS Organizations Say DaBaby Hasn’t Reached Out or Donated Since Meeting

GLAAD previously shared a statement on behalf of multiple organizations regarding a meeting with DaBaby. Several groups say DaBaby hasn't been heard from since.

DaBaby appears onstage at a show.

Image via Getty/Astrida Valigorsky

DaBaby appears onstage at a show.

DaBaby, according to comments from multiple HIV/AIDS organizations, failed to follow through on the groundwork laid during meetings spurred by his espousing of dangerously homophobic remarks earlier this year.

A new report from the Daily Beast includes remarks from reps of three different organizations with which the Back on My Baby Jesus Sh!t Again rapper met in the wake of the controversy. The incident ultimately saw Elton John and Demi Lovato (among other creatives and advocates) pushing back against DaBaby’s sharing of misinformation by pointing people to the facts.

Reps from the Positive Women’s Network, the Black AIDS Institute, and the Normal Anomaly Initiative all confirmed in the report that they have not heard from DaBaby since the August meeting which saw involvement from a total of nine different organizations. Those three organizations also said they had not received any donations from DaBaby.

“The onus is now on him, if he chooses to, to convert his misinformation into allyship by supporting the work of the Black AIDS Institute and other people of color-led HIV organizations,” Black AIDS Institute consultant Pavni Guharoy said.

In a statement shared by GLAAD in August, the virtual meeting in question was described as having seen DaBaby being “genuinely engaged” with the discussion. According to the statement, he also privately apologized for his comments. Complex has reached out to a rep for GLAAD for additional comment.

Wednesday marks World AIDS Day, a longstanding and internationally recognized day that aims to continue raising awareness while also serving as a day of remembrance for those who have died. For more info, including how to get involved, click here.

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