Mase Commemorates Rekindled Cam'ron Friendship With Birthday Gift: '20 Racks for the 20 Years'

The sweet moment occurred at the top of a recent episode of the duo's wildly successful 'It Is What It Is' podcast.

Video via Come And Talk 2 Me

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Video via Come And Talk 2 Me

Mase made a point to commemorate his friend Cam’ron’s birthday at the top of a recent episode of the It Is What It Is podcast, co-hosted by Treasure "Stat Baby" Wilson.

As fans know, Mase and Cam were originally close friends, with their shared musical history dating back to Children of the Corn in the early ‘90s. Deeper into the decade, however, the two artists were famously at odds, though they later reconnected. These days, the two are as close as ever, as evidenced by the unsurprising success of It Is What It Is.

Less than a minute into the episode, Mase wished his friend and co-host a happy birthday (The Purple Haze artist turned 48 this weekend).

"I really feel good, man," Cam said in response to the birthday wish. "I feel excellent. This is really a great time in my life. I really feel good, man."

This friendship is great to witness. Happy Birthday to Cam

— pascal 🇭🇹 (@p_cal) February 5, 2024
Twitter: @p_cal

From there, Cam asked Mase if he had some “lyrics or something” to share, joking that he assumed he’d be “coming in for revenge” after the previous episode. Viewers will note that the two have been playfully pulling up older lyrics from each other’s catalog, resulting in a good-natured battle, of sorts, in which various passages are intentionally taken out of context.

"Yeah, I had a few things," Mase said. "Somebody told me, 'You know it’s his birthday.' I said, 'Ah, I can’t do that.'"

But the real highlight came when Mase revealed his gift for Cam.

“Here go 20 racks for the 20 years I ain’t seen you,” he said as he passed the money to Cam, who immediately stood up and offered his friend a hug.

“All I’mma do is buy you something,” Cam said. “I’mma just take the 20 and buy you something. Thank you so much, man. I really, really appreciate that, Murda. Thank you, man. I don’t even know what to say.”

Both artists have spoken about rekindling their friendship in the past. In a conversation with Zion Olojede for Complex last year, Cam said he and Mase had “reconciled maybe a little over a year ago.” Per Cam, their prior feud “was kind of my fault,” though all their issues have since been resolved.

“I just wanted to gain his trust back because I don't want him to think that I could flip out again,” he told Complex. “I’m a grown man now. I can look back because I'm old enough to say that's maybe what I was going through because he just left and was like, fuck everybody—not fuck everybody, but he was following his path of what he needed to do, and I didn't recognize that at the time.”

Mase and Cam’ron landed at No. 6 on Complex’s Most Entertaining Sports Media Personalities Right Now ranking in 2023. See the full list here.

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