Machine Gun Kelly Talks Accidentally Stabbing Himself When Showing Megan Fox Knife Travis Barker Gifted Him

Machine Gun Kelly drops by 'The Tonight Show' to talk about his new movie 'The Last Son,' as well as a coccyx bruising and an accidental stabbing.

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Machine Gun Kelly, whose “more guitar-heavy” album Born With Horns is expected to be released soon, stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on Wednesday in promotion of his new western The Last Son.

MGK, who wore a Jennifer’s Body t-shirt we all should own to the taping, used a good portion of the ensuing interview to reflect on a fateful day during which he both bruised his coccyx and accidentally stabbed himself with a knife Travis Barker gifted him.

The coccyx bruising, as has been previously discussed, happened after a beer pong match with Post Malone. Per MGK, cameras were filming him as he left the match, so he decided to make his walkout as interesting as possible. 

“There was a staircase rail and I was like, yeah, great and so I hit the staircase rail and I rode it down,” he said around four minutes into the video above. “At the bottom of it, I didn’t see a giant spike. … It rammed [me].”

As for the knife, MGK explained that it had been given to him by the blink-182 drummer and prolific collaborator to mark their second album together. Back at home after winning the pong showdown, MGK decided to show off the knife to Megan Fox. The would-be knife showoff, however, went in an unexpected direction for the Tickets to My Downfall artist.

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“This was also right when I was starting to date, you know, Megan [Fox],” he said. “I was holding it together. It was a bad night. I won the ping-pong match, I went home. Travis got me this. He got me a knife that had an engravement from the new album on it and I was like, ‘Oh, check this out, this is sick.’ And I threw it up and it came [down] and stuck in my hand. You see that right here? That was from when a knife stuck in my [hand]. You know how you throw it up and you’re supposed to catch it? I looked at her and I was like, ‘Check this out.’”

The following morning, the reality of it all started to settle in. “The next morning, as soon as she left, I was like ‘Yo, I need stitches real quick.’ … A bruised coccyx and a knife in my hand,” he joked. The coccyx bruising later contributed to an SNL stage fall with his friend Pete Davidson.

See more above, including insight from MGK on how Roadies creator Cameron Crowe helped him start to like his birth name (Colson Baker) again. MGK and Fallon also linked up for a round of “Auto-Tune Up.”

The Last Son is set for a limited theatrical release on Dec. 10 and will also be available on demand via Redbox. Born With Horns, meanwhile, doesn’t yet have an official release date. In a recent interview with Willie Geist, MGK suggested that fans will be getting something new from him to mark the beginning of the new year

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