Drake Claps Back at Meek Mill on OVO SOUND Exclusive "Charged Up"

In the heat of the battle, Drake dropped some new flames.

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As expected, Drake unleashed some new words during the second episode of his overwhelmingly exclusive-heavy Beats 1 radio show OVO SOUND. First up, we have the tentatively titled "Charged Up" — a lengthy, subliminally accomplished track with more than its fair share of tweetables. Though Drake largely abstains from real-life feuds of the petty variety, the Flex-aided ghostwriter accusations certainly prompted something — anything — from the 6 god in the way of a creatively delivered clarification. With much ceremony, Drake certainly delivered — as "Charged Up" provides the distinctive brand of partially subtle, partially transparent confidence of emotion with which we've all become very familiar:

Never one to fully embrace specificity, Drake's track tows the battle line without burying itself in eventually outmoded references. Though we'll likely never see Drake speak directly on ghostwriting, the sentiment still stands. In short, even if those ghostwriting accusations proved themselves undeniably true — would it matter? Would such knowledge negate the mastery of "Know Yourself, "Energy," "Started from the Bottom," or "Find Your Love"? Of course not. As previously outlined, the concept of art as a group effort long ago made its debut in hip-hop. To act as though the former ideal of the lone artist as isolated genius is still the only relevant source of great music does a greatdisservice not only to hip-hop, but all creative mediums.



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