Song: Drake "Dreams Money Can Buy" (2011)
Potential target: Kanye West & Jay Z, Pusha T
Shots fired? Yes

On May 20, 2011, Drake awoke from his post-Thank Me Later slumber to let the world know "comeback season" was upon us by releasing "Dreams Money Can Buy." The song made it clear that despite his achievements, Drake sought to achieve greater heights-to get to the level of the GOAT rappers. That's why his line line about his favorite rappers losing their mojo sounds a lot like it's directed at Jay Z and Kanye West.

They are both certainly two of his favorite rappers: Kanye has obviously a huge influence on Drake's style and Drake once said he'd probably cry when Jay dies. However, four months before this song dropped Jay and Kanye released their lackluster single to Watch The Throne, "HAM," which might have made them seem vulnerable in Drake's eyes.

Meanwhile, this line could have also been about Pusha T. Drake once admitted to buying a microphone autographed by Pusha T on eBay back in the day, but two months before this song came out Pusha T dropped his Fear of God mixtape which failed to garner enough buzz for him to get his album rolling. Push may have actually taken offense to the line as well, as he later took subliminal shots back at Drake while freestyling over this very beat saying, "The swag don't match the sweaters."

By this time, Drake was overdosing on confidence and maybe feeling himself a little too much, thus began his long line of subliminal shots.