Lil Peep's 2016 'Crybaby' Mixtape Hits Streaming Services on Fourth Anniversary

Peep's fourth tape, a fan favorite, makes a surprise appearance on all major streaming services to mark the fourth anniversary of its release.


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Crybaby, the fourth mixtape in Lil Peep's catalog that originally dropped via a MediaFire link back in 2016, is now available on all streaming services in "the highest audio quality possible."

In an extended statement on the release shared to official socials, the estate explained that the tracks heard here were exported "directly from the GarageBand recording sessions" on an old MacBook owned by Peep. As fans will note, the streaming version of the tape is missing one song, the Radiohead-sampling "Falling 4 Me." 

"Ten of eleven of the tracks are fully cleared," Peep's mother Liza Womack said in a joint statement with Oskar, Peep's brother. "This is a victory. We are so glad to give this album to Gus's devoted fans, and hope it will help get people through these particularly tough times."

The original release of the Crybaby mixtape in 2016 was followed within months by the revered Hellboy project, which notably boasted fan favorites including "The Song They Played (When I Crashed Into the Wall)," featuring a sample of an unused blink-182 riff. For now, Hellboy isn't available on streaming services, though a few tracks from the project later appeared on the posthumously released compilation album Everybody's Everything.

Stream Crybaby below via Apple Music and/or find it on Spotify, Tidal, et al.

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