King Harris on Druski Calling Him 'Pussy': 'You and Your Cholesterol Need to Calm the F*ck Down'

The "pussy" distinction was tossed out during a recent 'The Breakfast Club' interview, with Druski also saying T.I.'s son is "cool."

King Harris on the left and Druski on the right pose separately at a Fanatics event, both smiling and gesturing
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King Harris on the left and Druski on the right pose separately at a Fanatics event, both smiling and gesturing

King Harris, son to T.I. and Tiny, didn’t take too kindly to being called a “pussy” by Druski in a recent Breakfast Club interview.

To be fair, Druski’s remarks were followed immediately by the comedian and media personality noting that he’s “cool” with King.

“Oh, come on man. That n***a pussy, man,” Druski said when asked by DJ Envy to name who he was “more scared of,” either Birdman or King. “King Harris? What we talking about, man? Come on, man. Come on, bruh. TIP’s son? He did pull up on me at the video shoot. We had too much security out there though. …. He tried to do a stare-off.”

From there, Druski backed off while also pointing out his awareness that regardless of what he said next, the "pussy" remark would receive the bulk of the attention.

"He don’t know shit about standing on no business and y’all know that," he said. "Y’all stop playing, man. I’m lying like I ain’t from the suburbs too. … Nah, nah. I fuck with King Harris though. He cool, he cool."

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King later shared a lengthy video to Instagram in which he directly responded to the “pussy” declaration by repeatedly mocking Druski’s physical appearance.

“Druski, you and your cholesterol need to calm the fuck down," he said in the video, as seen below. "You and them wide-body Hellcat hips need to calm the fuck down. I can’t believe this n***a just tried to call me pussy in the interview and I just seen him a couple weeks ago. We seen you run from a n***a. We seen you run from Birdman."

Elsewhere in the clip, King referred to Druski as a “d*ke” and said he belongs in “goddamn women’s basketball,” where he would be “the LeBron James of that shit.” He also claimed Druski had previously been “dick-riding” him.

“It looks like before you go to sleep at night you take your dick off and put it in the drawer,” he added.

Meanwhile, in the caption of the IG post, King added a bit more.

“[Druski] yo a$$ Trimm ... let’s the games begin," he wrote. "N***a I just seen u ain’t u ain’t say nothing of that ... only thing you said was 'Here go the KING OF STANDING ON BUSINESS.' I tell ya the clout is a hell of a drug ... and n***a what the hell is look like standing on my Luxury ass Car."

This isn't the first time King Harris has publicly spoken critically of Druski. As referenced in Druski's Breakfast Club remarks, King previously said he was going to "pull up" on him over his "Standin on Bihness" track. According to King, the widely used phrase is only popular because of him.

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