Kim Kardashian Says There's No Prayer or Sermon at Kanye West's Sunday Service

Hell yeah.

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The general public, or at least a selection of non-celebrities from the general public with 400 dollars to spare, will have a chance to catch Kanye West's increasingly mysterious Sunday Service series in person at this month's Coachella festival. In the meantime, fans can pore over these new comments Kim Kardashian gave Monday night regarding West's seemingly church-like throwdowns.

"We didn't really have a name for it because it's more of a just a healing experience," Kim, joined by Kourtney and Khloé on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, explained when asked if West had started a church. 

By Khloé's assessment, the gathering gives their friends and family a place to go that's free of a traditional church environment's palpable judgment vibes. "When they come here, they feel so free and safe is what everybody says," Khloé told Kimmel.

The most compelling bit of Sunday Service intel came later, however, when Kimmel jokingly inquired if attendees prayed to West or a man in the sky. "There's, actually, there's no praying," Kim said. "There's no sermon. There's no word. It's just music and it's just a feeling." At this point, Kourtney notably interjected with a "but it's Christian."

It was recently reported that everyone in attendance signs a nondisclosure agreement, with Variety adding it's not like "a Hollywood club where you get a stare down from the list holder; everyone that comes is invited personally and treated with kindness by security and staff — just like any church service."

Elsewhere, the Kardashian sisters talked baby naming methods and KUWTK. They also selfied with some audience members at the special Las Vegas-set broadcast. Catch all that above, or don't. That's also an option.

Though it definitely seems like West and company are trying to keep any denomination debates out of the Sunday Service proceedings, the series technically hasn't been entirely prayer-free thus far. At a recent edition, none other than DMX showed up and ran through a few prayer lines that should be familiar to longtime X fans.

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