Kid Cudi Thanks Friends and Family for Support: 'I Won't Let You or the World Down'

Kid Cudi, fresh off the 'Man on the Moon III' release and the announcement of a new clothing line, has no plans of slowing down any time soon.


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Kid Cudi fans, still feasting on last year's therapeutic Man on the Moon III, have plenty more on the horizon to be stoked about. 

Late Wednesday night, mere hours after Cudi announced the impending launch of his clothing line, the We Are Who We Are star shared a multi-part Instagram note in which he thanked friends and family for their longtime support while also sneaking in a special nod to those who—for reasons not entirely clear—insist on engaging in a life of art-hating.

"From here on out, you will see me glow in everything I do," Cudi said. "I will show the world I'm a true force and nobody can stop me. I think it, I can make it happen. Doesn't matter if u hate me, you're gonna have to watch me glow. That will always bring a smile to my face. I'm not going anywhere. To everybody out there that's been watching me all these years, you ain't seen shit yet. I am God's messenger and I am not done here. To all my friends and family that have been ridin' with me from day 1, thank you so fuckin' much. I won't let you or the world down. I am special. I am worthy. I am chosen."

See the post below:

Entergalactic, Cudi's unique album-meets-series experience, is now set for release in 2022 via Netflix. Originally, fans expected the Kenya Barris-assisted project to drop sooner, though it appears the arrival of MOTM III has shifted the plans. 

Back in 2019, Cudi told Complex that the process of making the animated series gave him a "new, fun, and exciting way" to write music.

"So a lot of the songs aren't really from the Scott perspective; they're from the perspective of the character," cudi explained, noting that the songs will help narrate the series' story.

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