Kid Cudi is an artist whose influence has impacted everything from the way music sounds to how rappers look. Now Cudder is gearing up to further solidify his status by creating his own clothing line. 

Cudi revealed on Twitter early Wednesday that he will start his own clothing line.

"Been a long time comin and another dream of mine," he wrote. "More madness, true vision, freshness comin soon!!!"

Cudi's line is expected to drop its first pieces during the summer of 2021. 

Cudi's official venture into fashion has been long overdue, as he's been known for pioneering styles since breaching the mainstream. This eye for fashion has allowed him to collaborate with several brands, like his work with A Bathing Ape. Hearing Cudi will now establish his own line excited fans, leading them to credit him with certain style trends like the birth of skinny jeans

Kid Cudi explained that his new fashion line is one of many projects he's been able to create since taking his mental health seriously. In 2016, the rapper checked himself into rehab due to severe depression and thoughts of suicide. Since then, he's professed to feeling "reborn."

"Man so much to do and see. Since 2016 Ive been climbin upwardMan so much to do and see. Since 2016 Ive been climbin upward," he told his followers. "Comin from rehab, suicidal thoughts, not loving myself, hating my being beyond happy, loving myself more than ever, doin everything I always dreamed of. My angels been watchin over me. I am truly blessed."