Khalid Joins Growing Criticism of AI-Generated Tracks: ‘It Takes Away the Authenticity’

Khalid is far from the first to speak out about the recent wave of AI-generated tracks. As he explains, such tracks lack a core authenticity central to art.

khalid is seen performing live

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khalid is seen performing live

Khalid is expressing his concerns over the recent virality of AI-generated tracks.

Speaking with a TMZ paparazzo over the weekend, Khalid was asked about the wave of recent AI-generated sounds emulating Drake’s voice, specifically whether he would be okay with someone doing the same with his voice.

“I have mixed feelings about it,” he explained. “I feel like AI is definitely going to be a helpful tool and it’s one of those things that you can’t escape. Hopefully, you know, I get to still have my job for a long time.”

When asked specifically if he would want to utilize this facet of AI in his own work, Khalid was more definitive with his criticism. As Khalid detailed, it’s clear that the authenticity of art is lost when the actual humans whose voices are being emulated aren’t involved with such tracks.

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“I feel like it takes away the authenticity and that’s something that I really value about myself,” he said.

Khalid also has no interest in being involved with AI-generated tracks emulating artists who have died.

“I respect all the music for what it is and I think I’m fine,” he said. “I appreciate the legends as they are.”

A growing number of artists and writers have criticized this use of AI, especially amid the recent trend of generated tracks making the rounds on social media and beyond. Labels, too, have pushed back against AI-generated tracks by urging streaming platforms to take action over the use of copyrighted music in emulation training.

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