Kevin Gates' Release From Jail Canceled Over Outstanding Weapons Warrant

Kevin Gates was slated to get out of jail today after serving the bulk of his sentence for kicking a fan, but that's not going to happen.

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Kevin Gates was set to be released from a jail in Florida on Friday after serving the bulk of his sentence for kicking a woman at a show back in 2015. However, according toTMZ, that's not going to happen. Gates will remain in jail after authorities discovered an outstanding weapons-related warrant.

Polk County Sheriff's Office records show that the warrant in question stems from a weapons charge in Illinois. A court hearing has been set for later Friday, though it's currently unclear whether that will mean extradition for Gates. The Islah rapper was found guilty of battery in the Florida fan-kicking incident last October and sentenced to 180 days in Polk County jail.

"I kicked them, I wanted them off me," Gates testified in a court hearing, according toWFLA. The fan, who was 18 at the time, had tugged on Gates pants during the show. "I was trying to get his attention for my friend," she said. At one point, Gates unsuccessfully attempted to get the charges dropped by citing the Stand Your Ground defense.

In an interview with Complex in 2015, Gates briefly opened up about the incident and its influence on his "The Truth" lyrics. "Two wrongs don't make a right," Gates said at the time. "Life is about conduct and how we conduct ourselves. But two wrongs never make a right. But I'll say this, I'll use Nicki Minaj again cause people tell me that women love her and people love her: If I was to go front row while she was on stage performing and stick my finger in her pussy, and she kicked me in the mouth and knocked one of my gold teeth out, I would be wrong. I would be wrong for that, and that's all I'll say."

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