Kanye Discusses Importance of Larry Hoover Bringing Him and Drake Together During 'Future Brunch' Speech

Kanye has been vocal about his vision for Black Future Month, with the Future Brunch serving as a town hall with Black journalists and media execs.

Kanye West Future Brunch event

Image via Instagram/@kanyewest

Kanye West Future Brunch event

The artist formerly known as Kanye West has unveiled footage of his “Future Brunch: Controlling Our Narratives” event, which was initially held last month with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee.

Prior to official footage launching via Facebook on Tuesday, Ye shared a clip of the event, which centered on a larger discussion featuring input from Black journalists and media execs. Notably, the event—which was previously teased on social media—follows Ye’s declaration of February as Black Future Month

At the top of the video, Ye spoke on the traits of a leader, stating that a leader must be “willing to step out in front of an idea.” Shortly after, the late Virgil Abloh was mentioned, with Ye reflecting on the influential designer’s death and their parallel journeys.

“Virgil was the third person in a position of power at LVMH to die of cancer,” Ye said. “Without his gang, without his support system, without his Dame Dash.” Ye then briefly reflected on a number of Abloh memories, dating back to interning at Fendi together.

Later on, Ye credited Larry Hoover with having brought him and Drake back together while also detailing what he says is the potential power of that reunion.

“Larry Hoover brought me and Drake together,” he said. “That man created peace. He called that from the prison. Larry Hoover called that from the prison, and everybody was happy. When people see me and Drake pull up to a basketball game with both of our sons, with my oldest and his son, that’s gonna save people’s lives in the hood. They’re gonna see that.”

For more on the town hall, see the full footage below and/or on Ye’s Facebook page here. Also appearing during the event were Prophet WalkerMichelle Mitchell, Connie Orlando, Antonio Brown, and more. Among the topics touched on in the ensuing talks were the depiction of Black trauma in film and the treatment of Black-led media outlets, with Ye providing additional comments throughout. At another point, Ye mentioned “discussions” of his team potentially designing Elon Musk’s Starbase project.

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