Juvenile Reflects on 25 Years of "Back That Azz Up" Love: 'I Gotta Hand It to the Azzes'

This June will mark 25 years since the classic '400 Degreez' track was pushed as a single.

Juvenile on stage performing with microphone, wearing an orange shirt and a blue cap
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Juvenile on stage performing with microphone, wearing an orange shirt and a blue cap

Juvenile is marveling at the sheer volume of azzes that have been backed up in the years since he first rolled out his 400 Degreez classic “Back That Azz Up.”

In a recent update to Twitter, a site I will likely always refuse to refer to as X, Juvenile noted that it’s been “a quarter century” since the backing up of azzes was first set into motion.

"Y’all really been backing that azz up for a quarter century," Juvenile told fans on Wednesday. "I gotta hand it to the azzes. Y’all did yalls thang."

Tweet from JUVENILE praising fans for support over the years, includes laughing emojis

Naturally, response to Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up" legacy-commemorating post was swift and rapturous. As highlighted by Juvenile himself, there were even declarations of this landing among the best tweets in the history of the platform.

Tweet by JUVENILE commenting on people dancing to his music for 25 years with a praising tone

Juvenile's 1998 album 400 Degreez turned 25 last November. The album, certified four-times platinum by the RIAA, was first supported by the single "HA," which ultimately peaked at No. 68 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. "Back That Azz Up," also known under its clean edit title of "Back That Thang Up," wasn't pushed as a single until June 1999.

The song, featuring Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh, peaked at No. 19 on the Hot 100 and proved instrumental in Cash Money’s crossover moment.

More recently, the track received a new wave of appreciation due to its inclusion in Juvenile's set list for his incredible Tiny Desk Concert performance. The 2023 episode saw Juvenile joined by Mannie for a memorable medley that also featured other familiar cuts like "Slow Motion," "Set It Off," and more.

Revisit a classic below.

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Hell, while you're at it, you might as well also re-enjoy that aforementioned Tiny Desk session too.

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