Joe Budden Blasts Ex Tahiry Jose After She Called Out 'Irony' of His Diddy Video Remarks: 'Lying, Failed Gold Digger'

In a lengthy IG Stories update, Budden, who has spoken out against similar comments from Tahiry in the past, said his ex has "abused, targeted, and manipulated many men."

Nancy Redd in a black jacket sits on a couch, and Joe Budden at Revolt Summit wearing a black T-shirt with a yellow windbreaker
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Nancy Redd in a black jacket sits on a couch, and Joe Budden at Revolt Summit wearing a black T-shirt with a yellow windbreaker

Joe Budden has responded to recent claims made by Tahiry Jose, with whom he was previously in a romantic relationship.

As those who up on such things are already aware, the Love & Hip Hop alum had reiterated past abuse-related claims against Budden in response to his comments on the recently released surveillance footage showing Diddy assaulting Cassie, as well as Diddy’s subsequent video statement

"I assumed that he would go and just hide somewhere but why would you do that when you are just a glutton for attention?" Budden said on his podcast. "So he pops right back out. Talk about tone-deaf, talk about the inability to read a room. Where are the fucking publicists? Where is anybody in this moment? He pops back out with this halfhearted bullshit apology. It's almost offensive. It was like a slap in the face, that apology."

Budden said the apology lacked "sincerity," and also referred to Diddy as a "fucking lunatic" and an "evil piece of shit."

Joe Budden goes off on Diddy. Calls him "lying sack of shit" as they discuss the Diddy/Cassie video in today’s Podcast.#JoeBudden #Cassie #PDiddy #Puff #JBP #Podcast #JoeBuddenPodcast #CNN

— 𝘋 𝘌 𝘕 𝘕 𝘐 𝘚 🇰🇪 (@dennis_k_g) May 22, 2024

As Budden’s remarks started making their way to The Shade Room and elsewhere on social media, Jose hopped into the comments, alleging that she was once thrown "down a flight of stairs" by Budden. "The irony," she wrote, claiming that the surveillance footage was "so triggering" for her.

theerealtahiry's Instagram post recounts a past abusive experience involving Joe, feeling triggered by it, and expresses sympathy for Cassie and other abuse survivors

This isn’t the first time Jose has made such claims against Budden. In 2020, she made similar accusations in an interview for Hollywood Unlocked. At the time, Budden responded, alleging that she was, in fact, "abusive" during their relationship and "used to beat my ass." He also called her veracity into question, saying she was a "cancerous toxic liar," although he was "uncertain" why she chose to make claims he said were false.

Budden took a similar tone in his IG Stories-shared statement on Wednesday, again accusing Jose of "lying." He also called her a "failed gold digger" with a pattern of abuse.

"Outside of me you lack an identity which is why you've tried desperately to attach yourself to me for over 15 years," he said, adding deeper into his statement that he typically chooses not to speak to Jose, or about her, "because it’s low vibrational." He closed out his statement by offering "prayers to all real victims."

Joe Budden shares a screenshot of a comment he made rebutting an accusation involving Tahiry. He speaks about past events, his character, and his son

As for Diddy and his apology video, which notably did not include a direct mention of Cassie, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office recently pointed out that the actions shown in the 2016 footage, though "extremely disturbing," occurred "beyond the timeline where a crime of assault can be prosecuted."

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